New Year: Coming home…

Back to life. To civilization & its city lights. To unfinished sympathy.

Writing these words after indefinite time of definite celebration.

Being in flowing set of mind & on solid ground. Still)

Yet the best New Year Eve I’ve ever had before in my life. It was mental explosion, medicine & cure, coming home…

It was like slideshow and screenshot of the whole year.

Exceptional. Soulmates & magic, eargasm & visuals, right places & that kind of special people.
Mega-positive, amazingly intimate, sudden, deep.
Uncompromising honest and sincere.

You think of it. Your eyes smile. The wave comes over you.
Out of time. Off-line. Ongoing.

Apropos: Happy extremely belated New Year, ladies & gentlemen)

Code: Home is not a place, it’s a feeling. Don’t mind waiting. Transform.

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