Who the hell is stranger?


Since 1994 up to 2000 active in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. After 2001 and nowadays living, working, traveling and having fun globally: between Europe, USA and Asia.
A priori old Europe, Tibet, Bali & Japan as the places where I’m who I’m.
As naive & trivial it might sound, the most important thing I learned in my life is:
you can start with nothing, but if you have the vision, the goals and you do all for it everyday you will reach everything in this life and any spiritual point in the universe.
Never forget about soul and heart on this way.
Live now. Stay yourself. Believe. Love. Don’t mind waiting. Give & take. Feel. Die laughing. Transform.


Key: meditation & nature
Version: love is the law
Value: faithfulness
Set: doing instead of saying
Answer: code of life
Question: you can’t

Irony: on.
I’m kinda using some outdated & complicated english, german, russian, ukrainian, latin & some more languages that nobody needs. So don’t be surprised by this unhealthy mixture of words in blog ’cause I’m out of time to translate it: reincarnating  and undoing myself through meditation for 3d time in Tibet, writing book “For which three drunk & stoned romantic comrades the occult bell tolls and flowers of evil and strong mind grows” together with Remarque, Hemingway, Murakami, Bukowski, Nietzsche, Lovecraft, Jung, Crowley and Baudelaire, looking for my new cat together with Alice in Wonderland, doing my 5th diploma on subject of powder treason and singing “Remember, remember the Fifth of November”, inventing new electronic currency with John Doe, teaching Marquis De Sade how to transfer knowledge in a fastest way through the perfect fuck, traveling to the dark side of the moon to Nazi-Base “Ahnenerbe” on Vril-ship to encode the runes, establishing fight club 2.0, selling brand new soap and hiding who is that Tyler Durden, walking to the universe though forest wilderness with John Muir, finding real myself at forgotten waterfalls & lost temples on magic islands, writing new song for The Sisters of Mercy with Leonard Cohen, Peter Steele and Lemmy. With Trump as a Dracula on the cover made in pop-art-NY-trashy-style by Andy Warhol. And of course I’m updating my DNA daily, ’cause being digital breed of Robin Hood & Peter Pan has its duties.
Irony: still on.

Now this generator of random wisdom of universe & pseudo-artificial-intelligence results in its final revelation:

Agnostic seeing beyond Buddha-Eyes
Music and book junkie.
Forest- and mountains-obsessed.
Daydreamer and nightthinker
Martial arts & extreme sports addict

Spiritual, if alone. Full of energy, direct and aggressive, if not.
Conservative as family & free as highway
Fucking for love and loving for fuck.
Still listening to distant symphony of organ at night.

Enjoying limitless resources ’cause some gene in me is forcing the money & its predators follow me like white rabbits, Neo.

Passionate explorer & vivid collector of everything which gets my blood racing and sets my soul on fire: emotions & feelings, places in wilderness & waterfalls, life-puzzles & stories, games of mind, special views, rooftops & infinity pools, glamour & trash, lost artefacts & unidentified traces of history, books, music, visuals and all the strange beautiful fucked-up things…

Yo. Amen. 

1st life (work: corporate lifestyle, top-management & technology)

Director/founder/mentor at several corporations/Start-Ups, mainly in IT/Fintech/etc trendy innovative directions

2d life (free time: alternative lifestyle, kinda blogging, having fun & feeling spirit)

founder & organizer of festivals, promoter, publisher, representative, co-author of  subculture-books, producer, founder of labelDJ.
Detail and more about 25 years of all my scene-activities here: Gothic

Favourite music:

The Sisters of Mercy, Kino (Victor Tsoy), Depeche Mode, Rob Dougan, Type o’ Negative, Nine Inch Nails, Nigel Stanford, Komu Vnyz, Prodigy, Leonard Cohen, Fields of the Nephilim, Muse, Coldplay, Neo, Linda (Линда), 4tune8, Lana Del Rey, The Mission, The Merry Thoughts, Bi-2 (Би-2), Mylene Farmer, Парк Горького (Gorky Park), Paradise Lost, Malice Mizer, Oomph!, Blue Stahli, Smashing Pumpkins,  Michael Nyman (Gattaca OST), Front Line Assembly, Alizee, Zeromancer, Swans,  Tanzi Na Vole (Танцы на Воле), Malice Mizer, The Cult, Wumpscut, Eisbrecher, Ruoska, Megaherz, Laibach, Graeme Revell (The Crow OST), Dust Heaven, Curve, Skryabin (Скрябин), Midnight Oil, KMFDM, Marylin Manson, Rammstein,  Royksopp, In Strict Confidence, Cubanate, C-TEC, Coptic Rain, Nitzer Ebb, Aghast View, Fluke, Klaus Badelt (Equilibrium OST), Razed in Black, Mentallo And the Fixer, Ministry, Behind the scenes, Fear Factory, Farmer Boys, Die Krupps, The Cure, This Morn Omina, Juno Reactor, Klee, Covenant, Mesh, Lacrimosa, Clan of Xymox, Diary of Dreams, Nachtmahr, Suicide Commando, Rabia Sorda, Covenant, VNV Nation, Faderhead, Solar fake, U2, The Faith the Blind Envy, Azoic, Die Form, Coil, Autechre etc…

Favourite movies:
Equilibrium, Gattaca, The Crow, Игла, Never Back Down, Youth, Pump up the volume, True Romance, Le Pacte des loups (Brotherhood of the Wolf), Man of the Earth, Enter The Dragon, K-PAX, Headhunters, Assa (Асса), Daun Haus (Даун Хаус), Kontroll, Lost Highway, Riddick (all), Noce Blanche (White Wedding), Roadracers, The Stoned Age, Naked Lunch, Doberman, Knocking on the heaven’s door, Monty Python’s meaning of life (all Monty Python anyway), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Interstate 60, Groundhog Day, Solaris, In Juli, King Arthur (Guy Ritchie), Les rivières pourpres (The Crimson rivers), Prometheus, The Ice Harvest, Island, The World’s End, Sliver, Predestination etc.

TV-Shows (documentations): Human Weapon, Fight Quest, Weaponology
TV-Shows (fiction): Billions, Lie to me, Ray Donovan, Suits, Game of Thrones, My name is Earl, King of Queens, Big Bang Theory,  Two and a half man, Black Books, IT Crowd, Rome, Hung, Little Britain, Surface etc.
Cartoons: Beavis & Butt-head, CatDog, Bernard, Nightmare Before Christmas
Режисёры: David Lynch, Christophe Gans, David Cronenberg, Nimrod Antal, Kim Ki-duk, Fatih Akin, Ivan Ohlobistin (Иван Охлобыстин)
Actors: Christian Bale, Bruce Lee, Michael Fassbender, Vin Diesel, Brandon Lee, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tim Roth, Liev Schreiber, Gabriel Macht, Charlie Sheen

Favourite authors:
Erich Maria Remarque, Ernest Hemingway, Haruki Murakami, George Orwell, Boris Pasternak, Albert Speer, Michail Bulgakov, Paul Ekman, Martin Heidegger, Vladimir Nabokov, Robert Cialdini, Arthur Schopenhauer, Sergey Dovlatov, Friedrich Nietzsche, Søren Kierkegaard, Nikola Tesla, Joseph Brodsky, Carl Gustav Jung, Viktor Schauberger, Aleister Crowley, Erich von Däniken, Charles Baudelaire, Gustav Meyrink, H. P. Lovecraft, Jan van Helsing, Charles Bukowski etc

 Photo & Art:
Helmut Newton, Hieronymus Bosch, Albrecht Dürer, Salvador Dalí, Beholder
Parkour, Kickboxing, Tai-boxing, Krafttraining

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