Peter Steele: requiem in words…

Today is the death anniversary of Peter Steele of Type o Negative.

This day.
Some years ago.
He died. With laugh on his lips)


He changed the world for sure through himself just staying as brutally direct as he was and through his uncensored songs.

He searched for Wolf moon.
He loved Christian woman once.
He got Black No.1 on his way…

He was the tower.

Still one of my favourites with his brilliant voice as well as totally naive and trivial lyrics. There are too much of suffering/her/death for me sometimes, but I love his genuine atmosphere)

He considered woman as both angel and devil. Right he was)
He fucked the life in his own way. Right he was)

Cheers & Amen, Peter, you knew it all)

Two for one today – in song.
The second one kills the first one – in life.
The gravity stays – for eternity.
Hate it)

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