Re-birth-day: Limitless. Conscious. Dancing in the rain…

Re-Birth-Day. Limitless)

Digital silence for some years except for some posts: done)

The words here, from last year & the words, from present. Intentionally. To mix them up so the mental beverage has that special taste. To finish the puzzle and to start a new one) Or may be someone was just too lazy)

These words were and are actual: Live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual. Hemingway got the point)

As stated already. Birthday. Complete reset. All previous becomes past, all forthcoming is future.

One more revolutionary year of my life. Yet fastest year of my life until now too.

Conscious. Emotional. Economic. Again)

Flashbacks & things of the year?

Eargasm: Interstellar – Victor Ruiz, Walking with elephants – Ten Walls, Bounty hunters/Monument – Royksopp. MZ/Mango – Sascha Funke, Purple Noise – Boris Brejcha… Moderat and Johnny Cash, of course) Nevertheless, The Sisters of Mercy & Viktor Tsoy, on repeat. And something never fitting nowhere: Don’t Mind Waiting – Gal Abutbul,

Visual: Ewige Jugend, Sorrentino.

Mental: Yamamoto Tsunetomo, Ayn Rand, Rolf Dobelli. Still on: Erich Remarque.

Feeling: Hermann à mes côtes me paraissait une ombre & Putain des Palaces.

Place: Rooftop with no name & one small room transforming into universe.

The answer: Mixing the worlds. Saving positive ones. Letting the karma do the rest of the job. Making control obsolete. Esto quod es)

Home. Expanding it) Berlin. London. Miami. Never too much. Although, except for Berlin)

Code: Name of the trap is easy. Easy is the trap)

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